Final Presentations day of the feasibility studies

Politecnico di Milano – Aerospace Science and Technology Department is honoured to invite you to attend the Final Presentations day of the feasibility studies run at the end of the fall semester of the last year course of the Space Engineering Master Degree, as output of the Applied Space Mission Design course I chair. 
Three teams, made of 9-10 master students each, are given mission objectives and high level requirements of space missions currently of interest in the international environment and under study at the main Space Agencies, Companies or entities involved in space commerce. 
Teams are asked – in 3 months – to assess the feasibility of the missions following the standardized process of a phase 0/A space mission lifecycle: they work with a Concurrent Design approach, being responsible of each of the on board subsystems sizing and requirements definition, and they go through progress meetings and reviews every two three weeks as in the real working life. 
The Final Presentations event wants to be a point of contact for the students with the active and real space science and engineering community, from industries, through agencies up to research centres who evaluate and critically comment  the technical outputs obtained in their few months’ work.   
Moreover, it wants to be an opportunity for industries and agencies to get in contact with Politecnico di Milano skills ad capabilities in system design and share inputs on how to better harmonize industrial and Agencies interface with Academy to keep enhancing the future business and technical class tuning for excellence. 

Even with the COVID-19 emergency, teams greatly worked remotely and in person collaborating day by day to successfully get a feasible design.

The event is going to be held both in person and remotely as follows:


Date:                                    February 8, Tuesday
Starting time:                     9.30 am 
Duration:                            up to 1:30 pm 
Physical location: Campus Bovisa, Building BL12, room 03

This is the link to attend from remote.

In person:

Politecnico di Milano – Bovisa Campus

  • Tuesday, February 8 Via La Masa 34, building BL12

The studies to be presented this year are hereinafter briefly summarized in alphabetic order: 

·         CARBO: a robotic mission to the Callisto Moon to characterize the surface and subsurface and to perform in-situ sampling for volatiles and ice detection. 

·         MASSIVE: a robotic mission to deliver on Mars surface an ISRU plant to produce propellant for a manned ascent vehicle to low Mars Orbit

·         NERO: a robotic mission to demonstrate In Orbit Servicing capabilities with 3 different targets and objectives, from fly around real debris objects in both LEO and MEO and to validate docking and refuelling capabilities with a dummy user.

 Each presentation will last approximately 60 minutes, Q&A included. The former order is not related to the presentation and days distribution order. 
I hope you can attend the event and to meet you on Tuesday, either online or in presence, even with such short notice.  .

The attendance is open, feel free to enter and leave the event at your convenience.

Please, spread the invitation to whom who may be interested in the event. 

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